Our Team


Oancea Milea


We like to respect the diversity of personalities and support the development of individual skills.

We seek to ensure a comfortable and flexible work environment in a culture based on personal commitment, loyalty and responsibility and this has determined that within the team there is that unique feeling that the fact that you are with a great person gives you. and beautiful family.

Iordache Cristian

Technical Director

Spînache Daniela

Economic manager

Marc Mihăiță

Technical department engineer

Derebei Violeta

Public Procurement Expert

Petrovici Valentina

Production Management Technician

Bălan Gabriela-Violeta

Mechanical Processing Technological Engineer

Stoica Elena

Technological engineer

Ionașcu Mihai

Land Improvement Engineer

Grecu Luiza

Procurement Specialist

Ginghină - Gorga Maricica

Administrative officer

Necoară Marian

Production engineer

Măciucă Adrian